10 Creepy Halloween Costumes Ideas For Guys 2023

Creepy Halloween Costumes Ideas For Guys 2022

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the United States. With Halloween parties, costumes and decorations, it’s a great time to get creative with your Halloween costume.

And what better way to get creative than to dress up as a creepy character from movies, books, or television shows?

This post will take you through some of our favorite creepy Halloween costumes for guys.

Creepy Halloween Costumes For Guys Detailed Reviews

Below is the list of creepy Halloween costumes for you guys to put on Halloween.

The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror Retro Shirt Tower Of Terror Vintage Shirt 

This shirt is perfect for guys who want to be scary and cool. The retro style and design are great, but this shirt stands out because it’s inspired by the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, a Disney theme park ride based on Rod Serling’s classic television series.

If you’re into scary stuff, weird stories told by older men who look like they’ve seen too much (or maybe something else entirely), or just love retro shirts, this one fits the bill!

Price: $21.95

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Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree, Skeleton Hand, Christmas Classic Tee, Unisex T-Shirt

The Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree, Skeleton Hand, and Christmas Classic Tee is a cool t-shirt that will be a hit this Halloween. The shirt features an original design with a skeleton hand holding onto the tree base of your choice.

This image is printed on a 100% cotton t-shirt using the dye sublimation technique to prevent fading and cracking. You can wear it repeatedly without worrying about its color fading away.

The Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree, Skeleton Hand, and Christmas Classic Tee is available in small (S), medium (M), large (L), and extra large (XL). The shirt is one of the creepy Halloween costumes you can be concerned about wearing.

image7 20

Price: $21.95

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You Are Creepin Meow Black Cat Halloween Unisex T-shirt, Hoodie Shirt

If you’re looking for creepy Halloween costumes that are funnier, check out this You Are Creepin Meow Black Cat Halloween Unisex T-shirt.

It’s a punny black cat costume that will make your friends laugh at your expense (and maybe even buy one of their own). But it’ll also help keep them from being eaten by the monsters in their neighborhood!

This shirt is unisex and can be worn with any jeans or pants you may have lying around the house. It comes in an assortment of sizes and gray and white colors for those who prefer something less traditionally spooky.

image11 20

Price: $21.95

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Horror Killer Halloween Funny Cat Lover Halloween Unisex T-shirt, Hoodie Shirt

The Black Cat Halloween Unisex T-shirt Hoodie Shirt is a cute design that will have everyone laughing. It features the classic black cat on the left side of the shirt with “Halloween” written in white letters below it.

The right side of this awesome shirt shows a creepy-looking cat wearing a pink tutu and holding an ax. You can get this funny Halloween t-shirt as a crew neck t-shirt or a hoodie!

Freaky cat lovers, beware! This Horror Killer Halloween Funny Cat Lover Halloween Unisex T-shirt is perfect for those who enjoy watching cute kitties kill people!

The top portion of this graphic tee shows two cats in love while one stabs another in the neck with an ax (oh my!).

The bottom half has more text that reads, “It’s all about meowtune now,” with little arrows pointing toward each cat’s head, indicating which one has been stabbed. Get your evil on by ordering today!

image6 21

Price: $21.95

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I Will Stab You Ghost Nurse Funny Halloween Unisex T-shirt, Hoodie Shirt

The I Will Stab You Ghost Nurse Funny Halloween Unisex T-shirt is available in black and white and made of 100% cotton. It’s available in sizes S-5XL, so you’re sure to find something that fits you perfectly!

This shirt is sold as a hoodie and tank top, so if you prefer those styles over a t-shirt, we’ve got options for you too! Whether it’s Halloween or just another Tuesday night, this shirt will give everyone an instant laugh when they see it!

image10 21

Price: $21.95

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A zombie costume

Zombie costumes are a classic, and they’re also creepy Halloween costumes to wear. Zombie costumes are easy to make or find, and you can buy them ready-made if you don’t have the time or the skills required to make your own.

You can make zombie costumes with just about any fabric, including spandex (which is especially great for making masks), burlap sacks, or even paper mache! Zombies are also popular because they’re so easy: just add human skin and some fake blood!

image9 20

Price: $47.10 (Source: Walmart)

An evil clown costume

You can’t go wrong with a clown if you’re looking for creepy Halloween costumes. Clowns are universally scary, and the fact that there’s nothing funny about them makes them even more so.

Clown costumes are great for parties and magnificent if you have kids, as they freak them out big time! Clown costumes are also great for couples, groups, or adults who want something unique and different to wear this October 31st.

image1 21

Price: $28.03 (Source: Amazon)

A killer nun costume

If you’re looking for a classic Halloween costume that’s easy to find, cheap, and not just for women, the nun costume is your best bet.

These days, you can buy a cheap nun costume online or at any party store in your area. If you want to go out and make your own Halloween costume this year (and save some money), there are plenty of online DIY tutorials!

Creepy Halloween costumes don’t have to be gory or scary—they can simply be disturbing in an off-putting way.

A killer nun is one of those creepy Halloween costumes that has been around since the middle ages but still manages to freak people out today.

image2 21

Price: $27.95 (Source: Amazon)

Uncle Fester costume

Uncle Fester, a character from the classic TV show The Addams Family, is an excellent choice for a creepy Halloween costume. Uncle Fester’s face is made of rubber, with a long nose and bushy eyebrows.

He wears a bald cap on his head, black pants and shoes, and a white shirt with a red tie. You’ll need to find or make an Uncle Fester wig (or get one at your local costume store) along with fake hair items like sideburns or mutton chops that you can attach to it.

image5 21

Price: $35.99 (Source: Costumes)

A creepy doll costume

A creepy doll costume is one of the great creepy Halloween costumes for guys. It’s easy to make and looks great for kids and adults. You can dress up as a creepy doll with your friends or family members in the same style—your options are endless!

There are several different ways you can make your creepy doll costume. One of the easiest methods is to purchase a cheap shirt and pair of pants at a thrift store or secondhand shop (you could even spray them white) and then cut out eyes from cardboard boxes or paper plates.

Alternatively, if you want to go all out, you could purchase enough materials from craft stores like Michael’s to create an entire body suit that resembles cloth-covered wire mesh.

image3 21

Price: $22.49 (Source: Amazon)


We hope you’ve enjoyed our roundup of creepy Halloween costumes for guys. As we mentioned above, it’s a great way to express your creativity and show off your sense of humor (and maybe even a little spookiness). The most important thing is that you have fun with the costume!

If you want to dress up as one of the celebrities or characters we listed here, just do it! We’re sure they would understand (after all, they are probably dressing up too!).

Just remember not to take yourself too seriously when it comes time for Halloween; don’t stress out about finding exactly the right look or taking forever on makeup—just go out there and enjoy yourself!

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