Funny Gifts For Dog Lovers Will Make Them Laugh

Funny Gifts For Dog Lovers Will Make Them Laugh

If you know someone who adores their dog, you should consider buying them a gift. The gift can be anything from a toy to a treat that will make the dog happy, and the owner pleased. If you have no idea what to get them, here are some funny gifts for dog lovers that will make them laugh out loud!

Funny Gifts For Dog Lovers Detailed Reviews

Below is the list of funny gifts for dog lovers that will help you select the best gift for your loved ones.

My Heart Belongs To Be Rescue Dog Classic T-shirt

This My Heart Belongs To Be Rescued dog t-shirt is a funny gift for someone who loves rescue dogs. It is such a fun gift that I am buying one for myself!

The front of this tee reads “My Heart Belongs to be rescued,” with a dog paw print in the background. The back reads “Dogs Rule” in large letters with smaller text saying, “I am a dog rescuer.”

The words are white on black, so they will not easily show any stains or dirt. This shirt would also make an excellent choice for anyone who loves their dog very much and wants everyone around them to know that they have their best interests at heart!

This shirt comes in many sizes, from small through 5XL (with women’s sizes available).

image5 13

Price: $21.95

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Life Is Better With Dogs Schnauzer Dog Usa Flag 4Th Of July Classic T-shirt

The Life is Better with Dogs Schnauzer Dog USA Flag 4th of July Classic T-shirt is the perfect gift for any doggy lover in your life.

The shirt features the American flag, but the design features a schnauzer wearing a patriotic bandana instead of stars and stripes. It’s sure to bring laughter wherever it goes!

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Price: $21.95

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Paw Dog Let’s Be Honest I Was Crazy Before The Dogs Classic T-shirt

This funny dog shirt is perfect for anyone who has a dog or anyone who loves dogs. It’s also great for people who love reading about other people’s dogs and even those who are just interested in hearing about the quirks and idiosyncrasies of their canine companions.

The t-shirt reads “Paw Dog let’s be honest, I was crazy before the dogs classic” on the front and had an image of a dog silhouette behind it on the back. These funny gifts for dog lovers make an excellent gift for friends, family members, or co-workers that love animals!

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Price: $21.95

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Corgi Dog Coffee Company Love At First Sip Dog Canvas, Wall Art Decor Gifts For Dog Lovers

Not every day can you enjoy your morning cup of coffee with a corgi by your side. This unique wall art design combines two of the most popular trends in popular culture and makes it available to all dog lovers!

Whether you want to show off how much you love your pet or just want to add a little bit of fun to your home decorating, this canvas is sure to make any dog lover smile.

Price: $24.95

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My Mind Still Talks To You And My Heart Still Looks For You Dog Canvas, Wall Art Decor Gifts For Dog Lovers

This canvas is an excellent gift for the dog lover who misses their pup and is perfect for hanging on a wall or door. It’s high quality and comes in a variety of sizes. The text reads: “My mind still talks to you and my heart still looks for you.”

This funny gift will make your recipient smile every time they see it!

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Price: $24.95

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Goldendoodle Dog Company Best Coffee In Town Dog Canvas, Wall Art Decor Gifts For Dog Lovers

The Goldendoodle Dog Company Best Coffee In Town Dog Canvas, Wall Art Decor Gifts For Dog Lovers is a fantastic gift for dog lovers.

It comes with a Goldendoodle dog drinking coffee and wearing a hat, making it an adorable work of art and a great way to show off your love for animals.

It’s made from 100% cotton canvas and measures in many sizes, such as 16×20 inches! These funny gifts for dog lovers will surely make any dog owner smile!

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Price: $24.95

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German Shepherd Dog Coffee Company Love At First Sip Dog Canvas, Wall Art Decor Gifts For Dog Lovers

German Shepherd Dog Coffee Company Love At First Sip Dog Canvas, Wall Art Decor Gifts For Dog Lovers makes funny gifts for dog lovers.

This funny German shepherd enjoys his hot beverage on a cold day and looks like he loves it! The text reads “Love at first sip” in white lettering over the image of a happy German shepherd with his tongue hanging out and his tail wagging.

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Price: $24.95

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Dachshund Doorstop

The Dachshund Doorstop is one of the funny gifts for dog lovers that any dog lover would appreciate. Made of resin and standing six inches tall, this dachshund doorstop will be a great addition to your home or office.

This funny dog accessory’s adorable and realistic design makes it the perfect addition to any room.


Price: $18.75 (Source: Amazon)

Fat Dog Beer

Fat Dog Beer is a beer made just for dogs. This dog brew contains all-natural ingredients, including water, barley, and hops—the same elements used to make human-friendly beers.

While this may seem like a silly gift idea at first glance, it makes sense: dogs can’t metabolize alcohol as humans do, so any alcohol found in Fat Dog Beer won’t affect them negatively.

Furthermore, the beer tastes good for humans to drink (no gross animal-based aftertaste here), which means you can get drunk together!

image2 13

Price: $2.99 (Source: Drizly)

Custom Dog Socks

When it comes to custom dog socks, you have the opportunity to have them made in any size, shape, and color combination. You can also choose what material is cotton, polyester, or nylon.

Finally, some brands specialize in making funny gifts for dog lovers —so if that’s what you prefer, then it should be easy enough for you to find some great options out there!

image8 13

Price: $19.99 (Source: Amazon)

Dog-Opoly Game (Monopoly for dog lovers)

The Dog-Opoly Game is one of the funny gifts for dog lovers. This game is on the popular board game Monopoly, but instead of buying and selling property, players in this game are trying to collect doggie breeds and dog names.

The game makes it the perfect gift for anyone who loves their pet! The game has four tokens: bone, leash, treat, and ball. You can also purchase additional tickets that include various funny things like a pair of sunglasses or a toy helicopter.

The money used in this version is made up of $100 bills that feature pictures of different breeds like poodles or labradors. The properties available to buy include things like “Dog Park” and “Dog Daycare” instead of “Boardwalk” or “Park Place.”

image11 13

Price: $10.00 (Source: eBay)

More to discover:


Gone to the Dogs Neck Pillow

The Gone to the Dogs Neck Pillow is perfect if you’re looking for funny gifts for dog lovers. This dog-shaped pillow is made from polyester and measures 18 inches long for the body.

It has an insert that provides extra comfort at its base, making it great for all ages. The plush exterior makes it fun to cuddle with—and you can even use it as a pillow!

This funny gift comes in different breeds of dogs, so pick your favorite breed and give this as a gift to anyone who loves dogs.

image7 13

(Source: Amazon)

West Paw Fetch Ball

The West Paw Fetch Ball is an excellent toy for dogs of all ages. It comes in two sizes, small and large, so you can choose the right one for your dog.

This ball is made from recycled plastic and filled with recycled tire rubber to make it durable and long-lasting. It’s also great for indoor or outdoor play, making it a good option if you want to take your dog on walks or play at the park!

This product was made in the USA by a family-owned company that cares about quality. These balls are available in different colors, including blueberry (shown here), lemon-lime green, mango orange, and watermelon red, to match any personality or decor style.

image9 13

Price: $10.95 (Source: Amazon)

The Good, The Bad, and The Furry Book (Pet-Loving Crimes and Punishments)

The Good, The Bad, and The Furry Book (Pet-Loving Crimes and Punishments) is a collection of funny pet-related crimes. So if you know someone who loves their dog or cat as much as their spouse, this book will be perfect for them.

The book contains over 100 illustrations that depict both the bad and good things that can happen when you have a pet in your life. It features stories about pets that have been stolen, injured, and even killed by their owners!

image10 13

Price: $16.95 (Source: penguinrandomhouse)


Dog lovers are the best people, and they deserve to receive the best gifts. These will make them laugh, smile, and feel like you love them. We hope that this list of dog lovers’ fun gifts helped you find what you were looking for!

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