16 Adorable Back To School Gifts For Elementary Students

16 Adorable Back To School Gifts For Elementary Students 14

Back to school season is the best. It’s a time when kids are happier than they’ve ever been before and adults get to relive their childhoods. But it’s also important that you get your elementary school student just the right back to school gift. 

Finding the back to school gifts for elementary students can be exhausting, especially if you have no idea what they like or what kind of personality they have. So I thought I’d help make this easier for you by putting together some ideas for great gifts!

Top 16 Best Adorable Back To School Gifts For Elementary Students In 2022

Here are the top 16 best adorable back to school gifts for elementary students you can refer to:

Cup – Be Nice To Your Bus Driver It’s A Long Walk From Home To School Mugs

16 Adorable Back To School Gifts For Elementary Students 8
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Price: 24.95$

This cup is the perfect gift for any elementary school student. It features a sublimation print that will ensure the quote sayings are not easily removed, and it is printed with superior ceramic inks that are fired on at a temperature of up to 1200 degrees. 

The crisp, clean quality of this mug makes it feel like something you would get from a high-end store like West Elm or Anthropologie. The c-handle also makes drinking easier for kids who are new to using cups without handles, and the rounded corners make them safe for little hands!

Personalized Locker Decoration Kit

16 Adorable Back To School Gifts For Elementary Students 10

Price: 17.7$ (Source: Reviewed)

This Personalized Locker Decoration Kit is a great gift for your elementary school or middle school student. It comes with a magnetic dry erase board, a dry erase marker, a dry erase pen, and a dry erase eraser. It can be personalized with the recipient’s name or initials in silver lettering. 

The kit is good for either lockers or desks so it’s perfect for any child who needs to decorate their locker at school! The kit even comes with its own magnet so you won’t have to worry about finding one separately!

All-In-One School Supply Kit

16 Adorable Back To School Gifts For Elementary Students 12

Price: 32.95 $ (Source: Amazon)

It’s never too early to start thinking about back to school time. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your favorite elementary student, we have just the thing! Our All-In-One School Supply Kit is a great way to help your little one get ready for the new school year. 

This kit includes all of their favorite classroom essentials, including pencils and pens, as well as scissors and glue sticks. Made with recycled materials, this kit is eco-friendly—and can even be personalized with your child’s name or initials added! It also comes pre-packaged in an adorable reusable box that makes it easy to store everything until September rolls around again next year.

The best part: You can be sure that your child will love this gift because each individual piece has been carefully selected by teachers and parents alike over many years of experience working with kids at all ages on both sides of the desk (or should we say lab table?). 

We know how important it is for young learners’ supplies match up well together so they’ll feel confident bringing them along each day after school as well as during class time — which means no more mismatched colors here!

Personalized Pencil Case

16 Adorable Back To School Gifts For Elementary Students 17

Price: 0.92$ (Source: Alibaba)

A personalized pencil case is a great gift for any child who needs to keep their pens and pencils organized. It’s also a thoughtful gift for kids who carry these supplies with them to school, as they can help keep the items safe and clean. 

A personalized pencil case can be used to hold writing utensils, crayons, highlighters and more—so it’s perfect for kids who want something sleek that will look stylish in their backpack. 

By choosing your own design or uploading your favorite image or photo onto your personalization page at checkout (online only), you can turn this practical item into something special that will last all year long!

Kids Backpack with Dinosaur Design

16 Adorable Back To School Gifts For Elementary Students 11

Price: 48$ (Source: Joom)

This dinosaur backpack is a great gift for your child who loves dinosaurs and wants to take their love of the prehistoric species to school. The backpack has colorful prints of dinosaurs (including a T-Rex), and the front pocket is shaped like an open dinosaur mouth. 

This makes it easy for you to spot your child in the crowd, even when they are far away from you!

There are so many benefits that come with having this backpack:

  • It will help organize all of their things in one place, so they know where everything is at all times.
  • It can hold lots of books, folders and other items that kids need for school.
  • There’s enough room inside for them to fit any extras like pencils or pens too!

This item comes in several different sizes as well: toddler through kindergarten size means there’s something available no matter how old your child happens on be now (or even if they’re just starting out!).

Design Your Own Lunch Bag

16 Adorable Back To School Gifts For Elementary Students 2

Price: 25.84 $ (Source: Fit-fresh)

One of the best ways to encourage a child’s creativity is to give them the opportunity to design something for themselves. Design Your Own Lunch Bag is an online tool that allows kids to make their own lunch bags, complete with personalized images and designs.

This can help your child feel more invested in their own bag, which means they’ll be more likely to use it! It also gives them an outlet for their creativity and allows them an opportunity to express themselves through art.

It would be perfect if you could find a cute image or graphic from somewhere else on the internet and just paste it onto your lunch bag, but unfortunately this doesn’t work well (or at all). 

You’ll need access to a program called Paint 3D that comes bundled with Windows 10 computers—it won’t work on laptops running older versions of Windows operating systems like 8 or 7—in order for this gift idea idea take shape!

18 Inch Plush Backpack for Boys & Girls

16 Adorable Back To School Gifts For Elementary Students 13

Price: 32.98 $ (Source: Amazon)

A plush backpack is the perfect gift for kids who need to carry their belongings in style. This 18-inch plush backpack can be used for school, sleepovers, travel, the beach and more! 

The perfect size for young students and children on the go. It’s also great for camping trips or day trips to the zoo or park with friends.

Featuring a colorful design printed on both sides with an adjustable strap that’s easy to remove when not needed making it great for kids of all ages (or adults). 

We love how this fun backpack offers lots of storage space as well as pockets on both sides so everything stays organized – even if you’re running late!

Personalized Jumbo Gift Wrap Bookmarks

16 Adorable Back To School Gifts For Elementary Students 9

Price: 0.5 $ (Source: Alibaba)

This is the perfect gift for any elementary school student who loves to read. The bookmark has a spot that you can write your child’s name on, so it will be easy to find again and use again. 

The bookmarks also come with an info card that explains how to wrap gifts properly and shows a picture of how it should look when finished. You can choose from several different sizes of bookmarks, or help organize all your papers with a paper organizer set!

There are also other ways that this gift wrap can help make life easier:

  • It will make sure your child knows which piece of paper is the right one to use when wrapping something up;
  • It will prevent mistakes like using too much tape or using another color ribbon instead of red;
  • And last but not least, it makes reusing old gift wrap really easy!

Owls On A Branch Pencil Case

16 Adorable Back To School Gifts For Elementary Students 1

Price: 6$ (Source: Joom)

If your elementary-aged student is a fan of owls, this pencil case is sure to be a hit. It comes in two versions — one with red and white flowers and one with blue and white stripes.

Both versions have an owl design on either side of the pencil case, but the color scheme varies between them. The red/white version features an owl nestled in branches with three baby owls looking up at it adoringly. 

The blue/white striped version has two owls on either side of the case with their wings outstretched as if they are flying away from each other—or maybe even fighting? A little mystery makes everything more interesting!

Whoever they choose to be today, school will never be boring when they’re carrying around this adorable little bag!

Personalized Kids Folder & Art Smock Set

16 Adorable Back To School Gifts For Elementary Students 4

Price: 34.95 $ (Source: Spatz)

The Personalized Kids Folder & Art Smock Set makes a great gift for any elementary student. The leather folder and smock have been monogrammed with their names, and the set comes in an adorable box that also has their name on it.

The leather folder is made of genuine leather (not bonded), so it will last through years of use by your little one. The smock features adjustable straps that make it easy to put on and take off, which is important if you want them to be able to keep the smock off when they’re done painting!

The box that holds all these goodies has an adorable design featuring flowers and butterflies – perfect for any girl who loves nature!

Let’s Go To Kindergarten Coloring Book

16 Adorable Back To School Gifts For Elementary Students 6

Price: 5.95 $ (Source: Amazon)

Coloring books can be a great way to help kids relax and unwind. While some of us may think that coloring is only for little ones, it’s actually great for all ages! Coloring books have been shown to help with anxiety, depression and insomnia in adults—and the same benefits can be applied to children as well.

Coloring books can also be used as a tool for developing fine motor skills. Because they require kids to use crayons or markers in order to color the pages, this activity will improve their hand-eye coordination. 

Kids who are struggling with fine motor skills will benefit from this activity even more than others because it encourages them to practice writing letters as well as drawing pictures or patterns on paper (or wherever else they want).

Coloring books can help kids develop creativity when they’re done coloring in each page. Not only does this activity allow them freedom over what colors they want their pictures/patterns etc., but it also gives them the chance decide which colors go together best or how much shading should go into each image etc., all while working within certain confines such as lines or shapes that were already drawn beforehand by someone else (like an artist).

Finally—and perhaps most importantly—coloring helps children develop self-expression through artistry by letting them create something beautiful from scratch using both their hands and minds simultaneously; something which not everyone has access too due often being too busy doing other things instead like eating dinner every night after work/school

Wooden Name Puzzle Stool for Kids

16 Adorable Back To School Gifts For Elementary Students 7 1

Price: 112.5 $ (Source: Etsy)

This personalized name puzzle stool makes a great gift for any child who loves puzzles. This wooden children’s puzzle stool features their name on the top of the stool, allowing them to sit and play with their favorite toys while they do so.

This adorable personalized wooden name puzzle stool is crafted from solid wood and measures 18 x 17 x 23 inches. It includes three round cutouts in which you can place their favorite toys, books or other items that they may want to put in them!

All of our products are made by hand in our workshop located in Michigan USA. This means that each product will be slightly different from one another but not enough to notice unless you look very closely at each piece individually.

*Please note: We have tried our best to show accurate colors using photography on this website but all monitors/phones display color differently depending upon type.

Motivational Water Bottle for Kids

16 Adorable Back To School Gifts For Elementary Students 16

Price: 8.99 $ (Source: Amazon)

Make sure your child is hydrated with this motivational water bottle for kids. It’s made from BPA-free Tritan and features a wide mouth for easy cleaning, a pop-up lid for easy drinking, and a flip-up straw for added convenience. 

The silicone sleeve adds protection to the bottle while it’s being carried around in backpacks or on school buses. A screw-on lid seals the contents inside until they’re ready to be consumed.

Personalized Books For Children

16 Adorable Back To School Gifts For Elementary Students 3

Price: 29.99 $ (Source: Barnesandnoble)

Personalized books for kids are a great gift idea because they encourage both imagination and reading. A personalized book is perfect for a child who is just learning to read, since it allows them to practice the skills they have learned in an entertaining way. It’s also a great gift idea because it encourages creativity and imagination—the child will be eager to share their unique story with you!

Personalized books are available online through companies like Personal Creations, who have been around since 1999. They offer all kinds of unique gifts such as edible art, customized jewelry, coffee mugs, pillows and more!

Personalized Lunchbox For Kids on the Go!

16 Adorable Back To School Gifts For Elementary Students 5

Price: 25 $ (Source: Amazon)

Personalized lunchboxes for kids are such a great gift for the child who loves to play with their food. These personalized lunchboxes are perfect for keeping your child’s lunches organized, and they’re also one of the cutest back to school gifts you can find!

You’ll want to get your kid their own personalized lunchbox as soon as possible because they love having their very own space where they can store their favorite foods. 

You’ll love having them around too because these personalized lunchboxes will help keep your little one’s healthy eating habits on track while reminding them that someone cares about them enough to buy them something nice like this.

School supply shopping doesn’t have to be a nightmare

16 Adorable Back To School Gifts For Elementary Students 15

Source: Time

School supply shopping doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Here are some tips for saving money when buying school supplies:

  • Buy in bulk. You can buy things like glue and markers in bulk at warehouse stores or online, which will save you money compared with buying these items individually.
  • Look for coupons online and in print. Coupons can help you get deals on stationery products, office supplies, pens and pencils, backpacks, lunch boxes, water bottles and more!
  • Dollar stores are your friend! They have lots of great deals on school supplies—and they’re also fun places where kids can find the right gift for their friends at school.
  • Discount stores like Wal-Mart often have great sales on backpacks during back-to-school season too so keep an eye out!


With these easy to find, inexpensive and adorable back to school gifts, you will be sure to win the heart of any kid. The key is finding out which one of these amazing products would be perfect for your child or grandchild.

We all know how much fun it can be to give gifts, but sometimes we just don’t know what our loved ones would like. If your child or grandchild is going back to school this year then it is time for you to start looking into some back to school gifts for elementary students!

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