3 People Halloween Costumes For Friends

3 People Halloween Costumes For Friends

As Halloween draws near, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll wear. You know that your friends will be dressed as pop culture icons like Wonder Woman and The Joker. But what if you want something a little different?

That’s where this list comes in! Whether you’re a cowgirl or Peanut butter and Jelly (I’m talking about the sandwich), there’s a costume here for everyone. So grab your spooky-themed besties and get ready to have fun with 3 people Halloween costumes.

3 People Halloween Costumes For Friends Detailed Reviews

Below is the list of the best 3 people Halloween costumes for friends you may wear with your friends on Halloween.

Star Wars Halloween Boba Fett Candy Hunter, Cute Baby Yoda Disney Movie Star Wars Classic T-shirts

These 3 people Halloween costumes are perfect for anyone who loves Star Wars and wants a fun, simple Halloween costume idea. The best part is that you’ll have a lot of leeways when shopping for pieces to complete the look.

If you want to stick with the classic look, you need a vest and some knee-high boots—but there are many other options!

You could go to total Mandalorian warrior or dress your favorite kid in this adorable baby Yoda shirt (because Star Wars Disney costumes are always popular).

3 People Halloween Costumes For Friends

Price: $21.95

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Cheems Doge Meme With Bloody Knife Pullover Hoodies

The Cheems Doge Meme With Bloody Knife Pullover Hoodies is excellent 3 people Halloween costumes for you and your friends to wear. This costume can be dressed up or down, depending on the time of year you wear it.

The material is cotton, so it’s comfortable to wear for all-night parties or just lounging around the house with your friends.

This pullover hoodie features a skeleton hand holding a bloody knife on its chest. It comes in sizes S through 5XL and comes in many colors. This hoodie makes an excellent addition to any Halloween party because it is stylish and fun but won’t break the bank!

image10 22

Price: $21.95

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Dead Inside, Skeleton Hand Holding Rose Classic Tee, Unisex T-Shirts

This Halloween costume is one of the best 3 people Halloween costumes you may concern about wearing with your friends.

The skeleton hand-holding rose unisex t-shirt is available in multiple colors, sizes, styles, and materials. Different price ranges depend on the type of material you want (cotton or polyester).

image5 22

Price: $21.95

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If You Like My Pumpkin, You Should See My Pie, Skeleton Hand Holding Pumpkin Classic Tee, Unisex T-Shirts

It is a great unisex t-shirt that anyone can wear, but it is enjoyable if you are dressing up with friends who are also wearing Halloween costumes.

It comes in black, white, grey, and many other colors. These shirts are perfect 3 people Halloween costumes for you and your friends.

The skeleton hand holding pumpkin is an iconic image associated with Halloween, and this shirt brings it back to life with its bright colors. The design is simple while still capturing Halloween’s spirit perfectly!

image8 22

Price: $21.95

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Rock On, Skeleton Hands Classic Tee, Unisex T-Shirts

This t-shirt is the perfect costume for you, your friend, and your loved ones. And yes, it can be worn by anyone!

The Rock On Skeleton Hands Classic Tee from Hot Topic features a skeletal hand holding a microphone with “Rock On” written.

The back of the shirt has an image of two skull heads wearing sunglasses, one smoking a cigarette and the other drinking through its nose. This unisex t-shirt comes in sizes small to 5X large and is made of 100% cotton.

It’s machine washable for easy cleanup after Halloween night activities (or any time during the year).

image4 22

Price: $21.95

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This Is My Ghost Hunting T-Shirts

This Is My Ghost Hunting T-Shirts are a great way to wear your love for Halloween. These t-shirts are perfect for 3 people Halloween costumes who are new to ghost hunting or just have fun with it.

They come in many colors, so you can choose the best one that fits your costume. These shirts are ideal for people who want to make Halloween memorable by wearing something unique and special.

image6 22

Price: $21.95

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Cowgirls Dress

Cowgirl costumes are one of the perfect 3 people Halloween costumes. You can easily find the clothing items at any store that sells Halloween costumes. The dress includes online stores like Target and Walmart.

While you will likely need the following items to make this costume work, other options are also available.

You can choose to use different colored tops instead of just one color shirt, or you can also pick up a vest instead of a shirt and chaps on top of that if they are more comfortable for your body type.

image9 21

Price: $50.00 (Source: tbyyf)

Peanut butter and jelly dress

The peanut butter and jelly dress is a costume with the shape of peanut butter and jelly. It is an excellent costume for a couple since it represents the love shared between them; you can also make it into a child’s outfit by choosing whichever color combinations you prefer.

The peanut butter and jelly dress will look great on anyone who wears it!

image7 21

Price: $53.11 (Source: Walmart)

Monsters Inc. Shirts

The Monster Inc. shirts are available in black, white, and grey. The shirts are excellent options if you’re looking for a costume that has the potential to be worn again.

These can also easily be dressed up with accessories or paired with other pieces of clothing so that you don’t have to wear them on Halloween night!

image1 22

(Source: Amazon)

Squid Game Coats

The Squid Game Coats are fantastic 3 people Halloween costumes for you and your friends. It is a hoodie with tentacles on the arms and hood, which are made of large pink or yellow plastic rings.

The rings are separated by smaller black plastic rings, giving them a segmented look.

The back of the coat has long tentacles that hang below the waistline and slightly drag along the floor when someone wears it.

image3 22

Price: $68.00 (Source: Leather Jacketz)


We hope this guide is helpful for you, whether finding the perfect 3 people Halloween costumes or just looking for some inspiration. If you have any questions about your outfit, feel free to reach out, and we’ll be happy to help! Happy Halloween from The Costume Works!

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